Realizing that the power to tax is the power to destroy, and that the power to take a certain amount of property or income is only another way of saying that for a certain proportion of his time a citizen must work for the government, the authority to impose a tax upon the people must be carefully guarded. It condemns the citizen to servitude.

Calvin Coolidge – 1924

I stare at this quote an average of three and a half minutes each day while I wait for the microwave to nuke my lunch or coffee, and it got me thinking. Who supports taxation?

I still don’t understand – even after reading about how taxes are sexy. To make things more confusing, I’m the well-educated product of a public school system, and I really appreciate the new sidewalks and stop signs that just went up at the end of my street. But the government’s regulation of the amount of water in my toilet is unconstitutional, and even the easy-target sin taxes are indirectly causing situations beginning to resemble government-subsidized terrorism. 

Guess I’ll have to rethink those sidewalks.

Kahryn Rombach – MCPP Intern, Summer 08


2 thoughts on “Thought-Provoking

  1. “It condemns the citizen to servitude.” – Calvin Coolidge, 1924

    I am happy to serve my government from time to time, but I want to do so because I want to do so. That is, citizens should not often be compelled, if at all, to serve the government against their will. That is slavery, and no citizen of the United States should want to be a slave to the very government that abolished slavery in this country over 140 years ago.

  2. Supporters of limited government don’t oppose taxation, unlike anarchists (aka “anarcho-capitalists”) to whom there is no difference between taxation and theft. The problem is we’ve left limited so far behind that it’s almost become a myth these days.

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