And in other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Lauren Ruhland, 2008 MCPP intern

It’s not all that shocking, but a new survey says that Michiganders don’t think very highly of their elected officials:

Michigan’s citizens hold their government leaders in low regard, at or near the bottom in rankings of Midwest state residents surveyed by a group of government reform advocacy organizations released Thursday.

Only 11% of those surveyed in Michigan said the Legislature was doing a good job, lowest of respondents from five states (Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin). The 2008 Midwest Political Reform Survey found that 21% of the state’s residents thought Gov. Jennifer Granholm was doing a good job.

I have to point out that the sample size is pretty small–400 Michiganders and 1600 in other Midwestern states– but the results sound plausible to me.  Unsurprisingly, the respondents’ four biggest concerns for Michigan are gas prices, jobs, the economy and health care.  As Hannah mentioned yesterday, the governor is already working on the first one.  The survey doesn’t distinguish between dissatisfaction over legislative overaction vs. inaction, but it’s probably safe to assume that most unhappy Michiganders would like to see more government intervention in these issues, not less.

(And if you were wondering about that headline…)


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