Water, Water, Everywhere

Wetlands in Michigan. Photo by David Kenyon of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.Over at the Mackinac Center, Russ Harding just released a paper on the difficulties Hart Enterprises, a medical device manufacturer just north of Grand Rapids, is having because of an area on their property that the DEQ is claiming as a wetland.  Give it a read.

Or, for the more visually oriented, check out this video of Harding talking with Charlie Curtis.  Curtis was prohibited from filling in a drainage ditch on his property, because it was ruled a navigable waterway.

Both of these issues are related to the state’s treatment of standing water on a person’s property.  In many cases, it absolutely cripples the owner’s ability to use the land as he pleases.  That is, the owner no longer truly owns the land because of the severe restrictions the government puts on its usage.  For lovers of liberty, true property rights are an absolute necessity and must be defended against these types of regulations. The conservation of our natural resources, including wetlands, is important, but it is more important that we conserve our property rights in the process.

<>< Josh Rule : : 2008 MCPP Intern


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