Mackinac Center Current Comment : : 1 July 2008

<>< Josh Rule : : 2008 MCPP Intern

Today’s Current Comment over at the Mackinac Center is actually a link to the new Privatization Report, a publication of the Mackinac Center that looks at ways state and local government across Michigan have contracted or sold some of their previous function to private companies.  Generally, privatization is a great thing, because it adds to the tax base, lightening the burden (theoretically) on other taxpayers, and it introduces more competition into the market, which also tends to lower costs for taxpayers.  Furthermore, the money that used to be spent funding the program through tax dollars can now go to something else.  In fact, the state could lower its budget and leave more money with taxpayers without losing any functionality.  So, privatization tends to be a win-win situation, and both citizens and governments are better off.

Some of the more interesting articles in this edition of Privatization Report cover the privatization of the still-indebted Detroit City Airport, Traverse City’s search to sell their municipally owned power company, and Saginaw’s currently outsourced finance department.  Go ahead and click through, though, because there are 19 other stories I have not even mentioned.  Check them out.


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