Forced Common Sense

– Jim Vote, 2008 MCPP Intern-

With the many, many, many problems facing our state, I’m so glad that our legislators are spending time worrying about how fast I drive.  (Speed Limit Idea Said to Save Gas- Freep 07/03/08) Rep. Aldo Vagnozzi is presenting this bill in an attempt at forcing conservation of precious “disappearing” fuel resources.  One problem: it doesn’t work.  Motorists drive as fast as they want, regardless of the speed limit.  State police representatives can vouch for this, and the only thing a lower speed limit creates is a surge in ticketing.  The State Police and intelligent citizens don’t want this.  We all know gas prices are high.  Common sense tells us the slower we go, the less gas we burn, and the better mileage we recieve.  Rep. Vagnozzi may be used to staying in the slow lane, but it’s unfair to expect the rest of the state to follow suit.  Paying for gas more frequently is the price of driving fast, and while it can be costly, let’s keep the choice up to the citizen.


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