Paid for by your grandparents’ tax dollars!

Lauren Ruhland, MCPP intern

If you love America, you must love psychedelic Whistler’s Mother, scary clowns, the All-Seeing Eye, and a patriotic cornucopia that includes consumer goods like TV sets within its endless bounty.  This bicentennial celebration must be seen to be believed (unless you have a medical condition aggravated by flashing lights, in which case you’ll just have to take my word for it):

That was brought to you by the good ol’ folks at the United States Information Agency.  Though the USIA hasn’t been operational since 1999, their old website is still being maintained for “historic” purposes.  Is it coincidence that Senator John McCain advocated bringing the USIA back a few weeks ago, or was he awestruck by the video above?  (Hat tip to Reason’s H&R)


One thought on “Paid for by your grandparents’ tax dollars!

  1. How was that supposed to make me feel patriotic? While the clip had some neat animation and a few clever scene changes, I felt the frustration that tax dollars created that video more than anything else.

    Just to clarify, the seemingly continual harping against tax dollars being used for certain tasks is nothing against the product itself (It’s an interesting clip that is worth discussing.). Rather, it is a claim that compulsion, or the threat of force – the distinguishing characteristic of government – is a bad way to produce this video. People should not be forced to pay for its creation, even if it cost only fractions of a penny per person. A much better solution is to find a small group of people to underwrite the clip who really want it to be produced. Then, everyone is happy.

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