Mackinac Center Current Comment : : 15 July 2008

<>< Josh Rule : : 2008 MCPP Intern

Mackinac Center Director of Communications Michael Jahr wrote about the proposed Reform Michigan Government Now constitutional amendment in today’s Current Comment.  The new amendment seeks to make at least 30 significant changes to the way state government operates in Michigan, including changing the number of justices on its Supreme Court and eliminating several seats in the legislatures.  Wanting to change government to make it smaller and more accountable to the people is a wonderful desire.  It must be tempered, though, by reason and realism.

Perhaps it would be better to propose these changes in smaller, more manageable amendments, rather than trying to cram everything in at once.  Taking small bites takes a bit longer to eat the full meal, but it is often more enjoyable and certainly easier to stomach.  Trying to eat the entire meal in one gigantic bite is not only inadvisable in most cases, but often impossible.  So, while we should continue to dream great dreams about freedom and the respect of human intelligence, we must also be shrewd in achieving them.


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