Strip searched for Advil??!

Sarah Grether : : Managing Editor, Michigan Education Digest

A great commentary from our friends over at Reason describes the story of a female student who was strip searched by her male, middle school vice-principal for what amounted to two tablets of ibuprofen. In good news, the 9th Circuit Court ruled that the search violated the student’s 4th amendment rights. However, three judges decented, one stating that “this is a difficult case.”

This absurdity brings back fond memories of my middle school experiences. Towards the end of my seventh grade year (2002), caffeinated Penguin brand mints became popular and were banned. The principal announced to us all that if any student was caught in possession of the breath mints “it would be considered the same as possessing marijuana.” I didn’t receive any decent answer when I asked if the coffee would be removed from the teacher’s lounge.

No wonder everyone spends the rest of their life trying to forget middle school.


One thought on “Strip searched for Advil??!

  1. Back in my middle school, we had a staff member selling caffeine to the kids. It made quite a stir, but only when the school realized he was undercutting their vending machine profits.

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