School choice in Oklahoma

Sarah Grether :: MED Managing Editor, MCPP

I don’t know what they put in the food in Oklahoma, but a whopping 83 percent of residents would prefer to homeschool their children or send them to a private or charter school.

I’m looking forward to keeping tabs on what the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (the state’s free-market think tank) does to push school-choice policy further.


2 thoughts on “School choice in Oklahoma

  1. Must be a surfeit of those “poor, undereducated and easily led” Christians, as a Washington Post reporter infamously described them.

  2. Research shows that many parents want school choice, but wantin ain’t getin.

    The desperate need is for these parents to be politically organized so that they can protect and reward legislators who support school choice and punish legislators who don’t support school choice.

    Nothing is going to change until this happens. No amount of research supporting school choice will cause change. No amount of frustration over the status quo will cause change.

    Grassroots organization, especially in Democratic districts, is the only thing that will cause change. The education bureaucracy is already politically organized. Nothing, nada, zilch will change until parents turn their concerns into political organization.

    I am trying to politically organize school choice parents in Texas. I would love help from any true believers in Texas. I hope someone is leading the grassroots charge in Oklahoma.

    Did I mention that….Nothing will change until parents get politically organized around school choice exclusively. This is not about Rep’s or Dem’s, this is about school choice from start to finish!

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