Mackinac Center Current Comment :: 17 July 2008

<>< Josh Rule : : 2008 MCPP Intern

Director of the Mackinac Center’s Property Rights Network, Russ Harding has an incredible Current Comment today.  Incredible in the sense that I can hardly believe that what He is writing is true, but I do not deny that it is.  It seems that yet another state agency in Michigan is trying to shape Michigan’s economy to its own desires through central planning.  The Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) has been doing this type of central planning since 1995, and during that time Michigan has continued to fall further and further behind, economically.  I am not saying that  MEGA caused the state’s economic woes, but they certainly have not helped to prevent or remediate them.

Yet, MEGA is not the culprit here.  Instead, it is the Department of Environmental Quality.  Someone in the department “dedicated to protecting human health and to preserving a healthy environment” has decided that the best way to protect & preserve is to selectively choose which businesses are best in which parts of the state and deny access to others based on primarily social reasoning.  Truly, this development is a dangerous one, but to find out precisely why, I encourage You to go ahead and read Russ Harding’s Current Comment.


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