Put on a Sweater

-Hannah Mead, MCPP Intern, 2008

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is showing she’s earned the Pew Center’s recognition of Michigan as “well managed in the toughest of economic circumstances” by providing us ignorant residents with some driving tips to save us money:

–  Keep your engine tuned, maintain tires at the correct pressure, change the air filter regularly, and use energy-saving motor oil.
–  Avoid aggressive driving such as rapid acceleration and braking.  It can lower fuel cost up to 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent around town.  This can save as much as 49 cents per gallon.
–  Watch your speed – high speed creates more wind resistance.  Driving faster than 60 miles-per-hour can cost an additional 30 cents per gallon for every 5 miles per hour increase.
–  Be aware that running electric accessories like air conditioners can also reduce fuel economy by 5 to 25 percent.

So folks, your time and comfort are not valuable: Mosey on to work in the morning by extensively coasting and slowly accelerating, putz along on the freeway (increasing the risk of accidents by enraging normal drivers), and for heaven’s sake, drive with your windows rolled down instead of using the AC. Just a few sacrifices on your part can go a long way.

One wonders how much gas Granholm and Michigan’s other “outstanding leaders” use commuting and how much money Michiganders would save if we had a part-time legislature — or at least one that didn’t overspend its budget by over a billion dollars.


6 thoughts on “Put on a Sweater

  1. I feel like that Oakland Press piece is borderline celebrity-gossip rag-worthy. She didn’t ride her blue bike home because she had places to go after work, lol. (So did it really save any gas money, since a car obviously had to come pick her up after work anyway?)

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