I feel your pain

-Hannah Mead, MCPP Intern, 2008

I can’t even tell if this was a quick response to what hit the fan yesterday or if this was already in the chute, but Mark Gaffney, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO, had a piece in The Detroit News today: “Reform state government to help voting, share pain.”

Share the pain? That’s all the “reformers” have to offer me? I hope for–heck, I demand— better. Michigan’s economic woes are not unavoidable. The pain will not be lessened by sharing it around. And passing a partisan power play masquerading as a “grass-roots” proposal will certainly not alleviate Michiganders’ pain.

Sometimes, I really feel bad for politicians. They’re like Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter — we’d all be fine if they’d just stop trying to save us.


One thought on “I feel your pain

  1. I think this passage is especially interesting:

    “During these rough economic times, politicians should lead by example and share in the pain that working families feel. Only by true shared sacrifice can Michigan’s economy be fixed.”

    This sounds like its setting up our elected officials as Christ-like figures who can take on our troubles and absolve us of our transgressions. I’m no theologian (not by a long shot), but this attitude seems awfully presumptuous at best.

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