It’s hard not to be cynical…

Sarah Grether :: MED Managing Editor

When you find yourself reading the latest brickbat from Reason;

Steve Kink heard an alarm go off outside his wife’s bar in Weymouth, England. He found two men breaking into a cell phone store and confronted them. One punched him, but Kink swept his feet from under him and pinned him to the ground. By this time, more people had arrived and grabbed the other robber. They held them until police arrived. The next day, the police released the man Kink had grabbed with a warning for criminal damage, and they arrested Kink for assault.

It’s not my goal to come off as a genius, but that would be like arresting an attempted-murder victim for provoking her fourth-degree black belt, conspiring, ex-boyfriend.

I think I’m off to go find a cave up north to live out the remainder of my days.


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