Argentinean Tailspin…

<>< Josh Rule : : 2008 MCPP Intern

We have written about Argentina before here at Trying Liberty, and the previous post was pretty hopeful.  The Argentinean senate had just rejected a massive tax hike on agricultural exports, helping farmers across the nation.  Today’s news is not as fun to report, though.  Argentina has just announced plans to buy back the national airline, Aerolineas Argentinas.  The airline has been privately owned by a Spanish firm for nearly 20 years, but is continuing to lose money.  The majority of the fleet is grounded, and flights are rarely on time.  Yet, rather than lose the “flag-carrying national airline”, the country is buying back the dying fleet during one of the most expensive summers ever to operate an airline.

Oh, and did we mention that the airline is currently losing roughly a million dollars a day?  The best thing to do here is to let it die gracefully and realize that no government should have an officially sponsored “flag-carrying national airline.”  Aerolineas Argentinas is not the only airline in Argentina, and others would soon move to fill whatever gap was created by its closure.  To promote a stronger national budget and a vibrant economy, the government of Argentina simply should not buy Aerolineas Argentinas.  It should give the money back to its farmers, instead.


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