Mackinac Center Current Comment :: 21 July 2008

<>< Josh Rule : : 2008 MCPP Intern

Isaac Morehouse and Bruce Walker put together today’s Currrent Comment, a celebration of the ideological ties between blues, jazz, and Milton Friedman’s  economics.  Sound a bit far-fetched?  It actually makes perfect sense.  Jazz and blues are all about personal mastery and personal determination.  They hinge on the freedom of the artist to determine what sort of work he will produce.  Similarly, Friedman’s theories required a great deal of personal mastery and personal determination if one wanted to succeed.  They too required freedom for each individual to choose, wisely or poorly, and to set and pursue their own goals and dreams, so long as they did not interfere with another person’s goals and dreams.  So, to celebrate the 96th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s birth, please go put on some Chicago jazz as you read an essay or book by this Chicago defender of human freedom.


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