Is Bringing jobs to Michigan a Worthy Goal?

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

In Michigan, it seems that all we hear about on the news is the great jobs Jennifer Granholm brings to Michigan.  I find it puzzling, however, that we still have an unemployment rate that is significantly higher than the national average.  If Governor Granholm actually brought jobs to Michigan, I would expect our unemployment rates to fall, not rise.

This “creation” of jobs reminded me of an article I recently read by Isaac Morehouse.  It goes to show that perhaps Granholm (and others like her) do not wield the magic power to create jobs out of thin air.  Perhaps she is using scarce resources (tax money) that could be used more efficiently elsewhere.  The article shows that we should not be focused on the creation of jobs, as it does not create wealth.  Wealth is what raises every citizens standard of living and provides what is demanded.  Wealth, in its simplest form, is goods and services.  If Michigan were to produce what was actually demanded by the market, we would be much better off.


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