Mayor rated low, but DPS worse

–Lauren Ruhland, 2008 MCPP intern

If you didn’t get one of the 25 seats reserved for members of the public at the governor’s removal hearing for Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick this morning, the whole thing is being streamed on the Free Press’s website.

To coincide with the hearing, the business organization Detroit Renaissance released a poll of city voters’ opinions on different current and potential governmental leaders and city institutions.  A whopping 80% of Detroiters are dissatisfied with the direction the city is heading, and almost as many (73%) view the mayor unfavorably.  69 percent of respondents think Kilpatrick ought to resign.

Despite their largely unfavorable impression of the mayor, only 69.5% consider his performance to be “fair” or “poor.”  Contrast that with their rating of the performance of Detroit Public School board– 89.5% place it in those two categories.

In other words, an alleged perjurer, facing ten felony counts ranging from obstruction of justice to assault, who is being called to resign by two out of three constituents, is still percieved to be doing his job more effectively than the city’s school board.


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