Giving a new meaning to “voting with your wallet”

Lauren M. Ruhland

Jones Soda, the bottling company famous for flavors like FuFu Berry and Cherry Manilow, is running a marketing campaign urging you to select a beverage based on your presidential pick.  Michigan is one of three markets in which consumers can find “Pure McCain Cola” and “Yes We Can Cola.”

Visitors to their website ( can also select “Ron Paul Revolution Cola” or “Capitol Hillary Cola.”  If you’re sick of the whole process, you can effectively make a “write-in” vote and purchase a custom case of “Ameri-cola” with a picture of your choosing.  Currently, Obama is leading the four drinks in sales with 47%, followed by Paul with 29%.  McCain keeps in third place with just over 13% of the market,  but this doesn’t necessarily mean disaster for the Republican ticket– the ad campaign is targeted at youth who may not be of voting age.


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