Discovering the Mysteries of the Universe

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

The Large Hadron Collider — a $9 billion particle accelerator was built underground on the border of Switzerland and France.  The experiments will send atoms around a 17-mile tunnel in separate directions at the speed of light.  Upon collision, it has been hypothesized that there will be a “God” particle created, would help us better understand mass.  There are also people who believe it may help us understand multiple dimensions.

The article can be found at as well as a video describing the project located here.


One thought on “Discovering the Mysteries of the Universe

  1. There’s been a lot of fear surrounding the LHC because of misunderstandings about the nature of the tiny black holes it has the potential of producing. They’re incredibly unlikely to occur, and even if one does it’s not going to create the sort of destruction we associate with black holes in science fiction. The Wikipedia page on LHC’s safety is actually pretty well sourced and even-handed.

    Regardless, if you’re worried you can add to your bookmarks and check it periodically.

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