GM Closing a Truck Plant in Ohio

A perfect example of this could be illustrated by examining that market for horse buggies.  Before the automobile, the horse buggy market was flourishing becasue that was exactly what consumers demanded.  When Henry Ford introduced the automobile, I bet horse buggy employees lost their jobs at the horse buggy factory.  Is this a bad thing?  Absolutley not!  The resources of production simply shifted from what was demanded to what is demanded.  I would bet that the communities that developed around these horse buggy factories began to diminsh.  It is sad to see a town deteriorating, but in order for it to prosper again, it must produce a good/service that the consumers demand.  We should not save the town and jobs by continuing to employ people at the horse buggy factories and stockpile the products.
Workers at the General Motors plant in Moraine were given a letter Friday saying the plant is closing in December.

According to the letter, the last day of production will be Dec. 23, 2008. In June, the automaker said that the Moraine plant would close by 2010 or earlier. The plant currently employs 1100 workers.

GM spokesman Chris Lee said plant managers shut the line down at 2:30 p.m. Friday to gather the workers together and give them the letter.Originally, General Motors had planned several shutdown weeks in December. However, Lee said now there will be no temporary shutdowns and the plant will operate until December 23.

IUE-CWA President Jim Clark said, “IUE-CWA is deeply disappointed in General Motor’s refusal to keep the Moraine Assembly plant open. The announcement that the plant will be closed much earlier than initially stated will further hurt our members, their families and a Dayton community already rocked by plant closings and layoffs.”


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