You Better Not Oppose Regulation

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

scary11scary2These screen shots were pulled off of the CNN website.  I am hoping “held accountable” means nothing more than questioned.  It seems odd to say that if you oppose regulation, you should be held accountable.  What if it were proven that regulation caused our financial crisis?  Should those who advocated regulation be held accountable?


2 thoughts on “You Better Not Oppose Regulation

  1. The protection racket state turns into the thug state.

    Newspaper business columnists in Michigan have noted how prominent businessmen are afraid to criticize the administration because they are terrified of the regulators, in particular the enviromental ones. This racket does not require an active “conspiracy” between the political actors and the civil servants, simply a shared class interest, which of course is expanding the scope, size, power and revenue of government.

    It’s wholly bipartisan, BTW – look at the bills introduced and passed in the GOP Senate for proof of that.

  2. How brainwashed have we become, that 92% agree that somebody should be “held accountable”, without even asking what they should be held accountable for? Making bad loans? For bad business decisions? Or merely for opposing regulation? To put this in perspective, in states which mandate automobile insurance, only 85% of drivers actually have auto insurance. Yet 92% agree to “held accountable” without asking how, or for what.

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