What Deregulation?

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

The Federal Register, which lists new regulations, averaged 72,844 pages annually during the Carter years from 1977 to 1980. These were presumably, by Pearlstein’s 25-year standard, the last time before now that Americans didn’t have “faith” in open, unregulated markets. Then the average fell to 54,335 during the Reagan years, rose to 59, 527 during the Bush I years, to 71,590 during the Clinton years, and, finally, to a record 75,526 during the administration of that great believer in laissez-faire, George W. Bush.

This is from the article entitled Are We Ailing from Too Much Deregulation? by David R. Henderson


2 thoughts on “What Deregulation?

  1. @ Nick – LOL!

    In 2002 it was greatly feared that, lacking money to spend on pet welfare state constituencies, Michigan’s new governor would repay in the currency of new regulations on producers. Thus began the near reign of terror of today’s MDEQ, about whose abuses the Mackinac Center receives several new horror stories almost every week.

    Yes, look for a regulatory frenzy at the fed level, and the inevitable economic sclerosis it creates.

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