Society is not simple

Here is a letter a recently submitted to the Midland Daily News

To the editor:

Dale Anger is correct with his assertion that society is not simple (“Taking Exception,” Dec. 16, 2008). He states: “I know it is easier to just mouth the simple answer, but one of the reasons we have not found answers to a lot of problems is that we keep getting these one sentence answers to problems that are much deeper.” Although there may be some truth to such a statement, I find it hard to believe that offering absolutely no solution is somehow more helpful.

Dale seemed to have a problem with allowing the market to allocate jobs, stating that there may not be enough jobs to go around. Although he did not offer a solution, I will assume he is suggesting the only alternative, which is to use government to secure jobs.

Using a quote from the beginning of his piece explains why such logic is faulty: “…government using other people’s money for the use of different people’s benefits. That is the nature of government. Anytime a government makes much of any kind of action, it is curtailing one person’s activities at the expense of others.”

Remember, the government cannot create or save jobs. The government does not produce anything of value; all it does is redistribute wealth. Unfortunately, the federal government cannot even do that correctly, as it is currently in debt for trillions of dollars. Since the government has already spent all of your money, it now has to resort to the printing press. Since the government is broke, any additional “service” the government provides will debase our currency, which is ultimately a tax on anyone holding or using dollars.

I will agree with Dale that job loss is a terrible thing in an economy. It does not make sense, however, to tax flourishing companies that are employing people in the process of creating goods that are actually demanded to subsidize companies that fail to give people what they demand. Unfortunately, no bureaucrat, politician or government wields the power to create jobs out of thin air. All the government can do is redirect them.

Believing it is possible to print our way to prosperity or create jobs out of thin air is dangerous to assume and a fallacy at best.

Kurt Bouwhuis


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