CEO Compensation

by Don Boudreaux:

“Editor, Baltimore Sun

Dear Editor:

Because she’s “outraged by the exorbitant sums that are paid to CEOs and to upper management in the United States,” Susan Talbott asks your newspaper “to summarize the salaries and benefits paid to the top 100 CEOs in the nation” (Letters, March 4).  Her reason is that “People need to have facts to be able to protest and effect change.”

If Ms. Talbott has not yet seen these data, then she clearly has reached a conclusion based on mere supposition rather than facts.  If, on the other hand, she HAS seen these data, she likely found them by doing what anyone seeking such information for publicly traded companies can do free of charge: go to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.  There’s little reason for you to devote ink and paper to reporting such facts.

Oh, and if Ms. Talbott truly is outraged, she can buy shares of these privately owned companies and then protest executive compensation legitimately, as an owner, rather than cheaply as a non-owning busybody.”


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