Our Hour

Per Scriptum,

E. Wesley

In my post “Bankrupt Pawns,” I mentioned that entrepreneurship is the answer in this time of crisis.  I’m not alone in that opinion.  There are people out there who are willing to help others without the force of government.  Kenneth L. Harris is up to the challenge of restoring innovative business ideas to distressed auto workers.  As director of business development and strategic initiatives at the Michigan Minority Business Development Council Inc., Harris is dedicated to bringing African American business ideas to the forefront of Detroit.  He believes that, “We’ve depended on the automotive industry for the last 100 years… What we have failed to do is diversify our industry base and employment skills” (reference here).   He believes that African Americans have hope outside of the auto industry.  As such, Harris is organizing the Detroit Black Expo that will feature 2,500 business owners (or potential owners).  The event will also host a number of  panels highlighting how to get business certifications, access capitol, manage a nonprofit, start a small business, and handle the media.

The Mackinac Center couldn’t have put it better when Harris said, “Detroit and the region’s recovery will come from the labor of entrepreneurs and small-business owners who hire people in the community. Entrepreneurship will create the next workforce outside of the shrinking automotive industry” (ibid).  The challenge for the auto industry is not all that complex, “Change and adapt or face extinction.”  Harris has no illusions.  The government cannot deliver us from our fate, nor save us from our choice.  The hour is ours.


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