School Choice On the Move

-Jarrett Skorup

Not to long ago, actually choosing where you could go to school was a pipe dream for poor children. The unions pumped in money, people kept electing politicians friendly to the public school monopoly and the public school system stayed terrible.

Well today, the unions are still pumping in money, the people are still voting for those friendly to the NEA and the schools are still terrible.

But there is hope.

Backed by a majority of people (and a huge majority of minority parents), school choice is on the move. As the Wall Street Journal reports today, even in liberal cities like Cleveland and New York City, vouchers and charters schools are denting the public school monopoly.

Just a few stats reported by the Journal: 85% of students in the Milwaukee choice program graduate compared to 58% of the rest. In New York City, the students grades three through eight scoring at or above their grade level has risen 10% or more each of the last three years. Even more amazing, in Harlem, where 19 of the 23 elementary and intermediate schools are failing, all of the third graders at the Harlem Success Academy passed the state math exam and 95% passed in english.

Recently, even USA Today endorsed vouchers.

Despite the popularity and success of these programs, Congress (along with the Obama Administration) allowed the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship to end starting the beginning of next year, all the while nearly half of Congress has children in private schools.  So will our elected politicians jump on the bandwagon?  Or will they continue to leave our children behind?


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