Central Planning

Despite evidence of entrepreneurship, Michigan’s government is still looking to plan the economy, and for Granholm, the future looks green.  The Governor, citing a 7.7% growth in “green companies”, has announced her Green Jobs Initiative to expand the green sector.  This $6 million program seeks to promote green sector education.  $3 million of the funds are to be set aside specifically for underemployed and unemployed workers.  Granholm also noted that:

Back-to-back visits from national leaders focusing on the changing auto industry and green jobs seem fitting

Fitting?  In short, what the governor is doing is economic planning. She is noting that there will be a number of workers displaced by auto industry downsizing who will need employment, and is trying to coax them into the sector she thinks Michigan needs to become competitive in.

What Granholm does not realize is that, one, she is fighting the private sector, and two, she has already been doing economic planning in a different direction.  Note today’s Detroit News column on plans for GM’s Centerpoint Complex.  Real estate investor A Alfred Taubman and Linden Nelson of Nelson Ventures are teaming up with Hollywood’s Raleigh Studios to buy and convert a portion of the Centerpoint Complex into a film studio training ground for the laid-off and unemployed. 

Why the investment?  Michigan’s tax credits to those making movies in the state, and the surplus of workers.  Said Taubman,

You look out at these spaces and wonder what happened to the people who worked here

Granholm’s initiative is working in direct competition with entrepreneurs and even her own tax break incentives.  This will lead to disaster as those industries that Michigan does have an advantage in will be abandoned for those given a false government advantage.  This is only creating more economic woes for the future.

Adam Rule – MCPP Intern


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