Free-Market Educators

-Jarrett Skorup

“Multi-cultural specialists, ultra liberal zealots, and college-tainted oppression liberators need not apply.”

These are just a few of the requirements in order to teach at the American Indian Charter School in Oakland, CA.  AIC is a public charter that takes a non-nonsense approach to education.  Despite the vast majority of students being from minority and low-income backgrounds, the school outscores all of the regular Oakland public schools. 

What else do they want?  “We are looking for hard working people who believe in free market capitalism to join our family at AIPHS.”  You must also believe that “hard work is the key to success.”

Though the school has been repeatedly maligned by the public schools, the unions don’t really know what to do about it…simply because it scores so well and wins award after award for excellence.  Let us hope that our administrators here in Michigan and all over country will take note.


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