Free Roads or Fed Roads

Per Scriptum,

E. Wesley – Mackinac Center Intern

The construction budget in Michigan is up to its highest thanks to Federal stimulus money.  Michigan only spends about $1 billion annually on roads, but this year, “We’re up to almost $2 billion” (Fed money).  New roads and road repairs will be taken to new heights, as will traffic jams and other construction inconveniences.

But we forget where the stimulus comes from.  It comes from honest working American tax payers.  Why should someone from Southern Louisiana be forced to spend money on Michigan roads, rather than invest in his/her own area?  When Federal money is used to develop regional areas, other areas and PEOPLE suffer.  I emphasize people here, because I wonder if the federal government is more concerned about roads than the living of individuals.  A taxpayer has a life or family to provide for, and can only afford so much tax money on roads, and other common utilities (especially in economic crisis).  This is why “stimulus” in crisis is disastrous.  In any case, we’ve come to a crossroads; Federal funded roads or free, private enterprise roads owned by common individuals who win their bread money by maintaining our roads.  As the old saying goes, “He who takes Caesar’s coin is Caesar’s man.”  Will we privatize, or let the Federal government own our money and transportation systems?  Since “stimulus,” completely state funded roads are a thing of the past.  We must look to the future.


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