Grandma Annie Oakley

-Jarrett Skorup

According to the AP, after being told by her daughter that there was an armed intruded in their home, 77-year-old Doris Gatchell pulled out her gun and sent the man running.  The suspect faces 30 years in prison and heavy fines for armed burglary in different parts of Maine.

This crime, we can guess, would never have been prevented in any of the big cities in America as a result of their stringent gun laws.  Allowing people the freedom to carry guns doesn’t mean they will necessarily do so, but at least criminals would have to consider the possibility. 

The ironic thing about anti-gun legislation is that they make the weakest of those the most vulnerable to crimes (when given the choice, grown fit men aren’t typically targeted).  As the saying goes:  “God created man and woman. Sam Colt made them equal.” 

And granny can speak to that.


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