Mark Sanford: Our Best Hope?

-Jarrett Skorup

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford took off a few days ago to go hiking in the Appalachians without telling anyone.  Apparently only his wife knew he was gone, and even she didn’t know where.  His spokesperson was in the dark as well.

When he first went missing, I was in a cold sweat.  Sanford is as near-perfect on free-market issues as we have seen this side of Ron Paul.  I didn’t think he was hurt or anything, rather I thought he was pulling a John Galt and going on strike.

In any case, I’m glad he’s back.


One thought on “Mark Sanford: Our Best Hope?

  1. I agree, Mark Sanford is looking very attractive as a Presidential candidate in 2012. He’s certainly one of the best free-marketeers out there.

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