Teachers Health Care Plans

Some would argue teachers deserve quality health issuance because it is a perk of the job. MESSA is usually the issuance provider for most teachers. MESSA covers everything and in some cases, plan holders don’t even have to pay a co-pay. This creates a lack of shopping for the best value, which ends up costing the state a lot of money. Why would someone bearing no costs care about additional expenses?

I on the other hand shop around for the best prices. When I go to my family doctor by setting up an appointment and paying $25 co-pay I can get an appointment but it may take some time to get in. If I go to Urgent Care, there are no appointments waiting time is a little longer and co-pay is $20. I usually end up going to Urgent Care because it is cheaper and I don’t have to make appointments.

Here is the problem with MESSA – in most cases it is more costly than most other health care plans and the tax payers are the ones paying the bill. More teachers are contributing to their health care plans, like MESSA, to help cover some of the extra costs but they are still in a minority. Here is a the assessment of one school superintendent “If health care plans were cars the teachers would be all riding around in BMWs. We all can’t afford to ride around in BMWs.” So to sum it up, teachers HCP are like premium cars and it is time we get them an average ford for a while.

-Eric Imhoff, Research Intern


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