Paying the Dead

-Jarrett Skorup

The Social Security Administration has continued to pay millions of dollars in benefits to dead Americans, and other elderly U.S. residents are at risk of losing badly needed aid because they’re improperly recorded as deceased, federal investigators warn in a new report.

At this point, most Americans are no longer outraged at this waste.  In the history of the world, has the government ever run anything efficiently?

And in the most overrated comment of the year, the article says, “The consequences of…bureaucratic error can be severe.”

Yet we keep putting up with it.


One thought on “Paying the Dead

  1. So why is it if we mess up on our income tax it is such a big deal. The money they are taking from us is going to wastful causes. Like in Detriot with the ghost employees collecting some $200,000 of tax payer money per pay period and now the social security going to dead people. What is next my income tax going to fund schools in Cambodia.

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