Wishful Thinking

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

The following is a few sentences from a recent post by Eric Baerren on Michigan Liberal.

“And serious consideration means avoiding interest-group shenanigans and dealing with the realities of the state budget and of the plan itself.” — This is wishful thinking!  How do you avoid “interest-group shenanigans?”  Stating that politicians should ignore interest groups is like stating that we should all just ignore that pesky force called gravity before we take turns jumping off the Empire State Building.

“I wish that someone, somewhere would at least acknowledge what this means, which is building a future based on making things worse for people.  Again, it’s not like public sector employees have usurped benefits overly generous when compared to private sector employees.  It’s that private sector benefits have just simply gotten so crappy.” — Just because a price fluctuates does not mean we are “building a future based on making things worse off.”  If public sector employees are receiving even a penny more than the private sector employees (for the same task) then the government is being overly generous.  Private sector wages are determined through voluntary association with several parties attempting to make themselves better off.  Public sector wages, on the other hand, are determined by politicians (acting only in the best interest of “society”) who allocate confiscated funds called taxes.


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