Everyone has their favorite horse to beat. Mine is not dead.

Basic CMYKKurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

Here is some text from Michigan Liberal today that is rather disturbing:

There is literally no way that [health care] can be fixed within the private sector … in fact, it is the private sector and the approach to lax regulation given to it that has caused things to fail.  I speak of people with no insurance; I also speak of people with health insurance who find their premiums rising so quickly because health care corporations have turned the concept into a giant, hostage cash register that they have time paying for what used to be a perk of the job and their home mortgages.” – Eric Baerren

The first statement in bold leads me to believe that the author of this post has a closed mind.  How could anyone make the claim that there is no possible way for people to voluntarily associate with one another and benefit in the absence of government coercion.  This must be based on the assumption that our current health care industry is a private one.

There is no evidence for either of these claims.  The health care system in the United States is extremely regulated and receives massive government funding through medicare and medicaid.  In fact, 23% of all federal spending goes towards medicare and medicaid. It would be just as easy for me to state that there is no way that government could possibly have the answer to the health care problem.  I could also blame government for the people with no insurance, health insurance premiums rising, etc…

These claims, however, would be meaningless unless I back them up with logic or empirical evidence.  Either way, I think there are far too many factors for any single individual to just claim that it is impossible for one plan to work and assume that their own plan is flawless.


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