Who does your congressman lobby for?

-Jarrett Skorup

The Foreign Lobbyist Influence Tracker is a website that documents who every Congressman and Senator lobbies for from other countries. It’s worth a look.

Filings under the Foreign Agent Registration Act provide far more detail on how lobbyists interact with government officials than those required by the Lobbying Disclosure Act; they contain information on efforts by foreign governments and organizations to influence U.S. policy on trade, taxation, foreign aid, appropriations, human rights and national security.

Since May 2007 the Justice Department has maintained a Web site that posts image files [pdf]of FARA disclosures online, but none of that information is available in a digitized format. Thus, it is impossible, for example, to see how many times the office of an individual member of Congress has been contacted. With the Foreign Lobbyist Influence Tracker, you can now find out with ease by selecting any member’s name from the pull-down list.


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