The Star-Spangled Banner

4_mural_fort_mchenryThat evening the firing stopped, only to resume again at 1:00 am on the 14th in full vigor. From behind the battle, Francis Scott Key, Skinner, and Dr. Beanes were forced to watch the battle with utmost anxiety. Long before daylight, the British had stopped their guns. What could that mean? Had the British taken the fort so effortlessly? Oh how Key must have strained in the darkness to catch a glimpse of what flag hung on the fort’s flagpole! Then, the morning swept in, and the breeze caught the first rays of light and hope, reflecting a star-spangled banner. At last, “the flag was still there!”

Read how America’s national anthem was literally pulled from a breeches pocket on a September morning!

E. Wesley – Mackinac Center Intern


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