Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

I was reading a few blog posts this morning at Michigan Liberal and stumbled across an interesting passage:

“Meanwhile, I wish someone would come right out and start identifying one of the real culprits for this semi-annual nonsense … Republican hard-line ideology.  The elected Republican leadership talks and talk and talks and tells the GOP base that we don’t need no stinking revenue and that we don’t need no stinking government and we don’t need no stinking gubmint burrowcrats tellin’ us what to do, which paints everyone into a corner because people who take that kind of hardline, no compromise approach can’t be negotiated with in good faith.” – Eric Baerren

Eureka!  Eric has discovered why he doesn’t always get his way.  It’s because individuals who think differently about the world (labeled as republicans, laissez fairies, greedy capitalists, GOP, etc…) oppose the confiscation of individual private funds to pay for the grand ideas and solutions of politicians.  This is not to say that this ideology is superior to Eric’s, but rather, that these individuals have every right to at least be skeptical of those who hold opposing ideologies.

Complaining about republicans in politics is like complaining about the inconvenience of having an opposing team in a soccer game.  “If we could just get rid of 11 of those pesky players on the other team, we could score more goals and win more games!”


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