Michael Moore’s Logic?


Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

Check out this video of Michael Moore.

Within the first minute of the clip, Michael Moore says the big business don’t like competition – I couldn’t agree more.  He also agrees that government is at least part of this problem.

Moore pokes fun and the old Soviet way of needing only “one newspaper” and “one car company.”  Later in the clip, he is disappointed with politicians because they failed in their attempt to make on health insurance provider.

He advocates choice at the beginning of the clip, but by the end of the clip, he despises the choices offered to college students by credit card companies.

Michael Moore likes the idea of being able to take two years off after college to find yourself, but fails to mention who is going to pay for it.  He thinks people should be able to have the job they want, not the jobs that actually create wealth.

At the end of the video, Moore is disgusted by tax riots, and then less than a minute later, is disappointment with how the American government spends money.


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