QED: Normal People Like Taxes

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern

Eric Baerren makes an interesting point in this blog post over at MichiganLiberal.

“Normal people would establish as their chief priority to make sure that schools are good and that people can access health care and that the garbage trucks operate according to a reliable schedule. Again, that’s normal people. Abnormal people first and foremost concern themselves with making sure we don’t raise taxes.” – Eric Baerren

Eric is confusing means with ends. All the services listed in the first sentence of the quote are the ends.  Most people agree that these ends are very important.  The desired means, however, vary from person to person.  The people who think more like Eric believe that government is a useful means for achieving the ends.  Those who oppose such means believe that reducing government will bring about the same ends.

The questions is not whether someone is normal or abnormal, but rather, whether or not the desired means to the end are destructive or productive.

btw – By Eric’s criteria, I am an abnormal person with normal person desires.


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