Prosperity or Plunder?

Here is a letter I recently sent to the Lansing State Journal:

In a recent editorial, The Lansing State Journal states that the stimulus money is key to the long term recovery of the mid-Michigan economy (“Stimulus funds matter to mid-Michigan,” Nov. 20).


The majority of the stimulus has been funded through borrowed money.  Every time the government borrows a dollar, there is one less dollar available for the private sector to borrow.  Since the private sector relies on borrowed money for expansion, the stimulus has essentially deprived several businesses of opportunities that would have been viable had the credit been available.

Additionally, forcibly obligating American taxpayers to billions of dollars of debt is no path to long term economic growth.  Especially when a large portion of the borrowed dollars are being shoveled into the bank accounts of special interests who have effectively used government to garner additional revenues at the taxpayer’s expense.

Kurt Bouwhuis


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