A Stimulating Broken Window Fallacy

Go to 3:25 and listen to President Obama speak about the benefits of  job creation for a window manufacturer in Philadelphia. (watch about 20 seconds… you’ll get the point) Then watch this clip about the window manufacturer in Pittsburg. Lastly, read this essay on a window manufacturer from France.  A lot of lessons to be learned… Advertisements

Dear President Obama:

Here is a great letter to President Obama from Don Boudreaux: Neither consistency nor sincerity is what they do. Don http://www.cafehayek.com/ …………………………………. 25 January 2010 Mr. Barack Obama President, Executive Branch United States government Washington, DC Dear Mr. Obama: In your weekly radio address on Saturday (Jan. 23) you harshly criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling…

Liberating Scottish language and national identity

During the early 17th century, when King James VI ascended to the English thrown, the Scottish Parliament and Old Scottish Court used “Scots” as their official language. The mark of Scotland seemed enduring and profound. However, after the union of the English and Scottish parliaments in 1707, England began imposing its language through the Scottish…

Birds still fly

Here is a letter I recently sent to the Midland Daily News: In his recent letter, Scott Miller states, “it appears that some of our legislators are more concerned with profits for big business than the health and future welfare of their constituents.  Contact senators Stabenow and Levin and urge them to come together around…

A Tale of Two Quakes

Here is an excellent letter to the editor by Don Boudreaux: 14 January 2010 Editor, Washington Post 1150 15th St., NW Washington, DC 20071 Dear Editor: Re “Tens of thousands feared dead” (Jan. 14): The ultimate tragedy in Haiti isn’t the earthquake; it’s that country’s lack of economic freedom.  The earthquake simply but catastrophically revealed…

Google to end China censorship

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern “Google Inc. will stop censoring its search results in China and may pull out of the country completely after discovering that computer hackers had tricked human-rights activists into exposing their e-mail accounts to outsiders.” Read entire article here.  More information here Hat tip to Eric Imhoff

Competition as a Discovery Procedure

Kurt Bouwhuis, Mackinac Center Intern “I wish now to consider competition systematically as a procedure for discovering facts which, if the procedure did not exist, would remain unknown or at least would not be used.” – FA Hayek Check out the entire essay here.