Declaration of Arbroath: Drafted April 6, 1320

Ye knights of Arthur’s table round,

Hear now the northern war pipe sound,

The restless, marshal pleas abound,

From loch to hill of liberty’s ground.

Land of mythic golden Camelot,

With fabled knights like Lancelot,

Hark now to minstrelsy dearly bought

With the fallen, kilted warriors’ lot,

Recalled in Arbroath.

“From countless evils, English foes,

God saved us by Robert’s toiling woes.

Yet if he betrays; from the cause repose,

We shall surely force him to depose.

For as yet as one hundred live,

We’ll never English fealty give,

Not for riches, honor do we rive,

But for our freedom have we striv’”

Declared the Arbroath.

Arbroath mustered more than Scots.

Including Brederode’s April plots;*

Covenanters signing blood inked dots;

And Americans loading Watts.*

From Wellington’s great victory;

To Blue’s emancipating dignity,

And Churchill’s symbolic “V.”

Worthy men give life for liberty,

Thus said the Arbroath.

Read a translation of the Declaration of Arbroath here.

E. Wesley – Mackinac Center Intern

Image of William Wallace from Wikipedia


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