The Battle of Carbisdale: April 27, 1650

The Marquis of Montrose has landed,

An English invader unfounded

By law or decree has he banded

To render Scotland’s north hounded.

Negotiation was a precarious thing in the 17th century, but for Scotland, foreign treachery and coerced invasion was not to be tolerated.  Charles II needed the Scottish Covenanters’ support in order to win Scotland.  The ambitious Marquis of Montrose was sent north to the Orkney Islands to threaten the Covenanters into terms with Charles.  The Battle of Carbisdale remains a testimony to the Presbyterian, freedom-loving spirit of the Covenanters, and Scotland’s ever ill taste for sudden and immediate subjugation of their country.  Read more on Landmarks of Liberty

E. Wesley – Mackinac Center Intern


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