My friend Jon

I love Jon Stewart, even though he’s liberal, or maybe I love him because he is a liberal and so willing to tear the President a new bottom. Anyways, this eight minute clip from last night’s Daily Show is pretty telling of Obama’s ideas on Hope’n’Change, which, needless to say, aren’t really all that different from Bush’n’Cheney. He, of course, continues the broken policies (if I may blatantly steal a line from el Presidente) of Bush era policies, which are as follows:

Bailing out major corporations, suspension of Habeas Corpus, Miranda rights, expanding the TSA, giving the largest budget to the failed War on Drugs, authorizing the assassination of an American citizen (without trial), prosecuting whistle-blowers exposing government waste, and expanding the ‘secret’ war and warrantless wiretapping. I could go on, but I think you get the point. Enjoy the video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One thought on “My friend Jon

  1. I love the parallels between a lust for power and the ring. Ok, so maybe the Gollum bit got a little off subject, but nevertheless the ring is used by Tolkien to describe the abuse of power. If Frodo had given the ring to Gandolf instead of destroying it, Gandolf would have become the new dark lord.

    Are we as Americans simply handing the ring of power from one dark lord to the next?


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