Michigan Unemployment Decreases

The unemployment figures for the month of May recently decreased throughout Michigan from 14% to 13.6%. The administration and michigan legislators are pointing to these numbes as proof that intense government action, in the form of stimuli and bailouts, actually improves our standards of living. But nothing could be further from the truth and it is insulting to the intelligence of every Michigander.

The truth is that the numbers are decreasing despite the harmful actions of both the federal and state government, thus illustrating the force of markets and government’s inability to contain them.

If lawmakers both state-wide and federal want to have a more significant impact in encouraging a speedy recovery they would abandon their activist efforts and embrace free market solutions, namely lower taxes, less regulations, and more economic freedom.


One thought on “Michigan Unemployment Decreases

  1. You write something, it sounds good to me and I keep ending up on your site.

    Are those numbers correct or are they what’s being reported? How many not counted have given up and succumbed to the welfare system?

    Since government is Lenawee County’s largest employer, It’s probably safe to say that any decrease of unemployment numbers would be due to government hiring. I also think the unemployment here is closer to 17%.

    Please check out a post of mine called “Things you should know – The DDA Threat”, http://blissfield.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/things-you-should-know-the-dda-threat/

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