The Battle of Springfield: June 23, 1780

In answer to their ranked, ordered folly,
We gave them musket and rifle volley;
And when lack of wadding silenced our noise,
Our minister then said, “Give them Watts, boys!”

Known as the “forgotten victory,” the Battle of Springfield demonstrated the American spirit and English animosity more than perhaps any other battle in the American War for Independence. Here, American militia and Continental infantry, some with wadding from Presbyterian hymnals, turned back a British-Hessian army of more than twice their strength. Their British opponents were those who hired foreign mercenaries to betray their own countrymen, because not enough men in England were willing to do so. This was perhaps the most symbolic battle in the entire American War for Independence, and a climax in the enduring tale of American liberty.  Read more on Landmarks of Liberty

E. Wesley – Mackinac Center Intern


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