More Taxes

Though the health care is yet unavailable, the first taxes of the Health Care Reform Bill are beginning to take effect. For instance, Michiganders now face a 10% tax on tanning. This will increase prices and some have worried that it will result in salons closing, leaving even more people unemployed.
The resoning behind this tanning tax is that studies seem to show that indoor tanning almost doubles the risk of melanoma, though the VP of International Smart Tan Network says that it is a gross oversimplication that tanning should be stopped because of this possibility. He also holds that one of the causes for this tax as opposed to another option of taxing botox (which would not have as much of an impact on the middle class) was lobbying done behind closed doors.
I personally do not tan, but I do enjoy having the freedom to tan at will without extra taxes because it might harm my health. It is my job to be responsible in how I treat my body and I will suffer the consequences if I abuse it. It is not the job of the government to try to limit my freedom and possibly cause negative effects on the owners and patrons of any business, including tanning salons.


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