Up in Smoke

Michigan businesses are fighting back on the smoking ban with a lottery boycott and it’s about time. Since the ban went into effect on May 1st many businesses have lost revenue. The smoking ban has had many unintended consequences. There may be less smoking in public due to the ban, but there is also less spending in this already ailing economy because of it.

The ban was done to curb individuals’ bad decisions, but the cure may be worse than the disease.  It really isn’t the government’s job to save us from our bad decisions. If an individual chooses to make bad decisions, they have to deal with the consequences alone. When legislators make bad decisions, everybody has to deal with the consequences. 

If the Michigan legislators truly cared about protecting people from bad decisions, they would stop making laws that violate people’s rights and pocketbooks.


One thought on “Up in Smoke

  1. I am also suspicious of the smoking ban. But I’m unfamiliar with any consumer good boycott that achieved the desired result.

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