Free-trade principles should extend to labor market

The following is my letter published by the Detroit Free Press in response to their editorial on immigration:

I commend the Detroit Free Press for supporting the Department of Justice’s decision to contest Arizona’s new immigration law, but the prescriptions offered are reminiscent of worn-out Republican talking points. Bolstered immigration legislation will not solve the problem. The answer lies in embracing free-trade and extending that principle to the labor market. Conservatives who traditionally support free trade should remember that borders have the effect of restricting the free exchange of services, which is bad news for an already ailing economy. Also, increased immigration only makes the economy stronger, a fact observed by virtually all economists. If President Obama and congressional Democrats voted to loosen up current immigration restrictions, Democrats could reclaim support from their discouraged liberal base while simultaneously pleasing the rising libertarian voting bloc. Hopefully, the president can garner enough political will to adopt a new immigration policy of free-trade by opening up our borders.


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